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Financial Planner Cleveland, Ohio

CONFIANCE,LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor with its principal office located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our services are focused on the needs of the individual, including planning for non-traditional relationships and

transitional life events. Clients include professionals, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and individuals living around the

country and traveling abroad.

"Life is different. The American Dream is different. Financial security and wealth management has changed."

Financial advice should not be a luxury for only a select few – it should be for anyone and everyone who wants it.

Having a financial planner is no longer about having someone who helps you just process transactions – it’s

about having a partner that helps you realize your dreams.

It’s about having someone interested in YourLifeTM – the way you want to live it.

Let's work together to create the life YOU want to live.

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CEO and Founder of CONFIANCE,LLC Pamela Sandy has over 25 years providing financial services and advice to clients. She is a Certified Financial Planner and an Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor™ specializing in planning for traditional as well as non-traditional relationships.

"The birth of YourLife™ PLANNING was centered on the goal to give clients the ability to discuss their lives in realistic terms. For some it will be about life events that have caused directional rethinking - for others it will be about a place to discuss a desire to live life in a non-traditional way."

Pamela is also currently serving as the 2016 President of the 24,000 member Financial Planning Association.